123Print Review

With striking designs and stunning prices, 123Print does a pretty darn good job of offering customers the best of both worlds. Whether you want to personally design your own card or simply input your business information into one of 123Print’s beautiful templates, you’ll find easy interface and dedicated customer service to help you achieve the results you want. With unique features like refrigerator magnets and recycled paper business cards, 123Print has plenty of options to make a strong impression. If you’re interested in getting a great representation of your abilities from a fun and helpful company, 123Print could have everything you’re looking for.

123Print’s Home Page, Showing Several Services Offered


A relative new comer in the online business card game, 123Print has already managed to carve out a niche for people interested in self-expression on their business cards. Founded in 2006 in Frederick, Maryland, this company began offering helpful customization tools at affordable printing prices and hasn’t looked back since. The company also built its corporate identity around providing people with the customer service they need to achieve the designs they’re dreaming of—hence the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. This friendly personality has led to the company’s active presence on social media, interacting with its vibrant user core regularly.

The Business Card Page… Just a Preview of the Stunning Designs Available

Customization Options

Since 123Print’s primary objective is to “help you be you,” the company offers a robust compliment of customization options for your business cards. Starting with design, you can choose between using a preexisting template or uploading your own graphics. You’ll also be able to choose standard sized cards or unique shapes, such as mini cards or rounded cards. For an even more unique approach, you could opt for magnetic business cards. Or, for ecologically minded customers, 123Print offers business cards printed on recycled paper. All these options could help you express exactly who you are to your customers and contemporaries.

Additional Services

Like most business card manufacturers, 123Print can actually handle a lot of your personal or business printing needs. If you check under the website’s Business Identity button, you’ll see a huge range of products, covering everything from envelopes to letterhead to note cards. The company also features a business marketing section, which includes flyers, brochures, calendars and gift certificates. The company can also print announcements for a special occasion, such as your wedding, anniversary or the birth of a child. Naturally, you can also print the invitations to these special events using yet another of 123Print’s services.

123Print Lets You Choose Your Cards by Color or Industry


For people trying to find a plethora of options all at an affordable cost, 123Print might have some intriguing offers for you. For standard business cards, the primary difference in price occurs depending on whether you want a blank back or not. Blank backs, naturally, are cheaper; prices for single color backs or custom image backs are the same.

  Standard Matte Standard Glossy Premium Matte Premium Glossy
Blank Back
250 $16.95 $16.95 $37.95 $37.95
500 $29.95 $29.95 $54.95 $54.95
1,000 $53.95 $53.95 $78.95 $78.95
2,000 $100.95 $100.95 $135.95 $135.95
3000 $120.95 $120.95 $150.95 $150.95
5000 $156.95 $156.95 $197.95 $197.95
Color Back or Custom Back
250 $32.95 $32.95 $53.95 $53.95
500 $53.95 $53.95 $78.95 $78.95
1,000 $85.95 $85.95 $110.95 $110.95
2,000 $140.95 $140.95 $175.95 $175.95
3000 $168.95 $168.95 $198.95 $198.95
5000 $212.95 $212.95 $253.95 $253.95

Other unique options, like mini business cards and rounded corner business cards, will also be more expensive than the basic design. Other premium options, like raised ink or recycled paper, will also increase the cost depending on the quantity you order. Other options, such as vertically oriented cards, are actually no more expensive than regular business cards. For more information about prices for these and other options, be sure to visit 123Print as soon as possible.

123Print’s Simple Graphic Design Tools Let You Build Your Card Yourself

Also, members who read the About Us section may find access to a special promotional page offered by 123Print. If you read very carefully to the end, you should be able to find a link to special discounts on these already competitively priced products.


If you like stunning results, 123Print could be a solid bet for your money. Without breaking the bank, you’ll receive more customization options than you’ll be able to use. Yet, the site’s interface is very accommodating to every level of user, giving you access to tons of amazing looking templates. Even if you do run into some trouble, 123Print’s active and available support team is more than willing to help you solve any issues as soon as they can. For premium results without a premium price tag, 123Print deserves serious consideration.