Moo Review

Those with a flair for design may be slightly put off by some of the more restrictive companies printing business cards. For the aesthetically minded, though, MOO seems to have found the answer to all of your concerns. With MOO, members will not only have access to some of the most impressive free templates around, but will also be able to create their own designs using MOO’s simple tools. Featuring a large number of customizable features—letting you control everything from thickness to shape—MOO can likely offer you premium expression that matches your individual style.

MOO Puts Beautiful Design in Your Hands


For nearly a decade, MOO has tried to shake up the business card status quo, offering professional design quality to customers. MOO does this by offering state-of-the-art printing technology, so that customers can receive beautiful representations of their professional lives. This dedication has led the company to win three Webby awards, and be ranked by the Guardian as one of the UK’s top ten start-ups. MOO now offers its services to over 180 countries, achieving its mission to provide, “Great design for everyone.”

A Few of MOO’s Brilliant and Memorable Design Templates

Customization Options

Striking the fine balance between too many and too few customization options is very difficult, but MOO seems to have done exactly that. Beginning with the design elements, you can browse dozens of high-quality designs by color or industry. Customers with a better flare for design could also use MOO’s simple card designer feature. If you want full control of the design, however, you could choose to use MOO’s design uploader to match your high-resolution images to your business cards. MOO also offers a number of paper styles and thicknesses: for a traditional feel, go with Classic; for ecological professionalism, go with Green; for a thicker, bolder appearance and feel, choose Luxe. The company also lets you round the edges, making cards that slide in and out of wallets more seamlessly.

Additional Services

With such high-quality, eye-catching designs, you may find yourself interested in MOO’s services for more than just business cards. For instance, you may be attracted to the company’s line of holiday greeting cards, which are fun and vibrant. If you want a more general greeting for people you really care about, you could make a short run of postcards using MOO’s amazing quality standards. Other options include three different styles of sticker, which give you a fun way to spread the word about your business. MOO can also help you get your hands on premium notebooks, card holders and white label packaging.

MOO’s Simple Point and Click Custom Card Builder


Though MOO’s prices may be slightly higher than some of its competitors, people looking for quality design will certainly be willing to pay the extra few dollars. MOO’s small package of 50 business cards is designed to let users create multiple versions of their business cards with different graphics on the back of each—something the company calls, “Printfinity.”

  Business Cards Green Business Cards Rounded Business Cards Luxe Business Cards
50 $19.99 $22.99 $23.99 $34.99
200 $69.99 $79.99 $79.99 $119.99
600 $150.00 $171.42 $171.42 $274.98
1,000 $230.00 $262.85 $262.85 $369.85
1,600 $368.00 $420.56 $420.56 $591.76
3,000 $690.00 $788.55 $788.55 $1109.55
5,000 $1150.00 $1314.25 $1314.25 $1849.25
8,000 $1840.00 $2102.80 $2102.80 $2958.80

Printfinity Lets You Have Several Amazing Designs for Your Business

If you need MOO’s impressive products before the typical seven business days, MOO also offers Express shipping for an extra fee. If you want your cards even faster, certain run amounts will allow you to add rush printing, starting at $14.95.

MOO also offers a couple of free trials, which let customers see the difference that MOO can bring to their presentation. The first is a sample of 10 personalized business cards, to let you see what your cards will look like. The next is a sample of all of MOO’s printing products, which will give you an idea of how many services the company offers. MOO frequently creates new promotions to attract customers, so be sure to check its Trials & Samples section for updates.


MOO stands out among business card companies with its drive to bring amazingly high-quality printing to all of its customers. Whether you want to design every aspect of your business card, or simply choose an impressive looking template, MOO can offer tons of options for your needs. Even building your card using the site’s advanced tools is surprisingly easy and entirely customizable. Unique packages and special offers make MOO a smart choice for consumers who want a little extra from their business card printer.