UPrinting.com Review

By attempting to bring amazing quality and competitive prices to all of its customers, UPrinting has been helping people all across the country fill their business card needs. In fact, every aspect of UPrinting’s website seems geared toward improving the user experience. With a dedicated and helpful customer service department, the company is willing and able to help you every step of the way to creating the best business cards possible. Throw in tons of customization options coupled with an impressive degree of quality, and UPrinting is an obvious choice to represent yourself and your business any way you want.

UPrinting’s Home Page, Showing Lots of Professional Printing Products


Catering to the internet’s printing needs since 2000, UPrinting has established a friendly, professional voice in its industry. Housing cutting edge printing equipment in its California facility, the company has built its reputation on fast and impressive results without unnecessary stress. This is because the company was designed to be easy for anybody to use, making shopping on UPrinting a more positive experience. All these benefits are best on display when it comes to the company’s business card printing, which offers all these competitive features with signature service.

With UPrinting, You Can Choose the Size and Shape That’s Best for You

Customization Options

UPrinting has created a number of customization options to help all of its customers find solutions that work for them. Firstly, UPrinting lets you decide the thickness and finish on your card stock, which can dramatically impact the way you present yourself. You’ll also have tons of choices when it comes to the size and shape of your card, if you decide to vary from the standard shape. Again, this offers a huge range of design possibilities: for instance, a baker could very easily transform a circular card into the top of a cake or a donut. UPrinting will also work equally well whether you want to upload preexisting designs, or use the site’s simple graphics building tool.

Additional Products

Though the company offers amazing business cards, it doesn’t stop there—in fact, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It seems like no matter what business or event you’re planning for, UPrinting has you completely covered. For instance, if you run a salon, you could buy some counter cards with your weekly specials on it; if you have a restaurant, you can get professionally designed menus; if you own a night club, you can print flyers; and so on. For personal events, UPrinting has impressive solutions for greeting cards, invitations, name tags and save the date announcements.

An Example of an Easy to Use Template from UPrinting


For the high-quality results you receive with UPrinting, you actually receive some very competitive prices. The least expensive option is a standard 14 pt. glossy finish business card, while the same thickness matte finish will run a few dollars more.

  13 pt. Uncoated 14 pt. Gloss 14 pt. Matte
250 $26.41 $20.00 $24.73
500 $27.55 $20.63 $25.46
1,000 $29.82 $22.08 $26.92
2,000 $42.55 $32.17 $37.33
3,000 $54.82 $42.25 $47.75
4,000 $67.09 $52.33 $58.17
5,000 $79.36 $62.42 $68.58
10,000 $138.00 $111.17 $118.17

If you’d really like to feel your business cards in your hands (to give you a sense of what type of finish and stock to go with), UPrinting offers a sample of its paper products to let you experience what your cards will look and feel like. To redeem this unique offer, simply click the free sample button at the top of any page and enter your mailing address.

With UPrinting’s Uploader, You Cano Use Existing Graphics

Pricing figures will also be different for anyone who’s purchasing die-cut business cards, since this adds an additional process to printing your cards. For simple shapes, like rounded rectangles and squares, the price will be cheaper than complicated shapes, such as leafs and circles. To see a full list of the cost for each shape, be sure to visit UPrinting today.


With a dedication to implementing your designs, UPrinting helps you represent yourself and your company any way you’d like. The company’s friendly and helpful customer service department is always handy when you have a question about cards for your small business. The company offers these great features in addition to limiting the costs of printing and shipping your business cards, making UPrinting an even easier decision. For beautiful results and bargain prices, be sure you take a look at what UPrinting has to offer.